When keeping it real goes horribly wrong…

Spike Lee’s We Love Roll Call | Red Bull Music Academy Daily. How did we miss this?!

“No State Stamps Applied”+ChairmanFredJr speaks on Slave-Z!!!!!

“For 26-year-old health and safety expert turned tech entrepreneur Chekwas Okafor, fashion is a family business. ‘To a certain extent, I’ve always been running away from fashion,’ he explains. ‘When I was younger, my father imported textiles from China. At the time, I didn’t want to get into the business, which I didn’t think of as fashion—just as something that paid the bills.’ “As a biology student at Voorhees College, a historically black institution in South Carolina, Okafor chose practicality over passion. Although his well-tailored, bespoke suits garnered the attention of classmates and led to a short stint in modeling, he cast aside the idea of a career in fashion until a friend introduced him to the work of up-and-coming Nigerian designers…”