Genius is Common – Afi Makalani

Afi Makalani is a man of many different interests. He is a published author (“Thoughts and Observations,” Amazon.com).  He is a conscious emcee (http://afimakalani.com/ ) who has been nominated three times by the Indie Music Channel for his contributions to the unsigned, underground rap movement. He is a public speaker, […]


Genius is Common – Bill Duke, Legendary Actor, Film Director, Producer/Writer of TV & Film etc…

William Henry Duke, Jr. (born February 26, 1943) is an American actor, director, producer, and writer of film and television. Known for his physically imposing frame, Duke’s works primarily in the action and crime drama genres, but occasionally appears in comedy.[1] Frequently a character actor, he has starred opposite Arnold […]


Genius is Common – Speech Aka Todd Thomas of Arrested Development. GIC Connection via Beverly Black.

Todd Thomas (born October 25, 1968), better known by the stage name Speech, is an American rapper and musician. He is a member of the progressive hip hop group Arrested Development and has released a number of solo albums. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States and spent his […]


Genius is Common – Steven Davis

Steven A Davis was born in Dover, Delaware on July 25, 1978 (Christmas in July!) to Sharon Arline and Caesar Davis. I enlisted in the Army after High School and went to college after my enlistment. I then returned to serve in the Army as a Commissioned Officer after graduating […]


Genius is Common – Gino Brown.

Gino Brown enjoys sharing knowledge on financial literacy. When it comes to managing money, Gino believes being equipped with the proper knowledge of making appropriate decisions on personal finances are essential to building wealth. Finance is Gino passion. It truly makes him happy when he sees others building wealth for […]