Jay Z, NFL Partnership, and Kaepernick Explained

Attorney Antonio Moore talks about the Jay Z NFL Partnership and the larger implications. Moore also talks Kaepernick and leads into a larger discussion to be held on his weekly show tomorrow.


Is America ignoring the Supreme Court case that changes cable? Billionaire Byron Allen vs Comcast

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the upcoming Supreme Court case that sets media billionaire Byron Allen against Comcast and charter for a sum totaling 30 billion dollars. Moore looks at the historical and future implications in diversity and business in media and beyond. Memorandum of Understanding between Comcast and Al Sharpton, […]


Rich Paul, Lebron James & ASAP Rocky – What Does Celebrity Owe Us for Our Support?

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the issues faced by NBA Agent Rich Paul & player Lebron James. As the NCAA instituted the so called “Rich Paul Rule” requiring a Bachelors degree to represent athletes. Moore also looks at ASAP Rocky and his issues in Sweden


Democratic Debates, Congress in Ghana and Elections 2020

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the recent Democratic debates with Political Commentator Yvette Carnell. They delve deeply into the performances of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson. #DemDebate #WelcomeHomeGhana #DemocraticDebate The two also look at the recent trip by Congress to Ghana.


Democratic Debate Review CNN

Attorney Antonio Moore gives a review of the Democratic debate #demdebate involving Marianne Williamson, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren among others. Moore gives opinions on what needs to happen next for Democrats to increase turnout in #Election2020