Kamala Harris and the Debates the Real Discussion

Attorney Antonio Moore details the real reason Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris is being critiqued by Black Voters across the nation.


Democrat Debate Night Recap 2020 Election

Debate Night Recap 2020 Election as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Marianne Williamson take the stage


Democratic Senators say they wish Reparations would Go Away Ahead of Debates

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the recent the hill article titled “Senate Democrats wish talk on reparations would go away” and Sen. Feinstein quote “I understand why. I also understand the wound that it opens and the trials and tribulations it’s going to bring about. Some things are just better left […]


Bernie Sanders Student Loan Quick Hit

Attorney Antonio Moore speaks on Bernie Sanders forgiving student debt while avoiding a Black Agenda..


Reparations and America – HR40 Congressional Hearing & Angela Project Recap

Attorney Antonio Moore and Political Commentator Yvette Carnell recap a week of discussions around congressional bill HR 40 and Reparations.