Angela Project 2019 Birmingham, Rapper Killa Mike, Sandy Darity, Tonetalks and Breaking Brown

Attorney Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell along with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and St Stephens of Kentucky brought the Angela Project to Birmingham, Alabama


Reparations, HR40 Congressional Hearing, Danny Glover & the CBC

Attorney Antonio Moore and Political Commentator Yvette Carnell take callers across the nation speaking on their issues with the upcoming Reparations hearings set by the Congressional Black Caucus to be held in Washington D.C. June 19th 2019.


Jay-z is a Billionaire. Why did we Celebrate?

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the recent announcement that Jay Z is Hip Hop’s first billionaire,


Kamala Harris Move On Campaign Incident Explained – Presidential Election 2020

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the Kamala Harris Presidential Move On Event incident providing insight into the larger issues. Moore gives his views on why the incident was an issue and how to move forward responsibly.


ADOS Final Call Response and Opinion on #blacklivesmatter Founder

Attorney Antonio Moore and Guest Political Commentator founders of #ados talk about the the new article by the Final Call on #ADOS. Moore and Carnell also detail #Blacklivesmatter and the new 30,000 person study by Alicia Garza. Support patreon.com/tonetalks