Meek Mill issues with Cosmo Hotel and Las Vegas

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the Meek Mill incident in Vegas with the Cosmo hotel denying him access.


Morehouse Billionaire Donation, Nipsey, T.I. & Trump’s Opportunity Zones: Truth of Black Capitalism

Attorney Antonio Moore lays out a scathing review of Black Capitalism and how it is masking itself as Black Activism. Moore along with guest Political Commentator Yvette Carnell, and former Morehouse student Jordan Long dig deep into the recent donation by billionaire Robert Smith. And also critique the meeting between […]


T.I., Charlamagne, CBC, and their Trump Opportunity Zone Meeting

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the T.I., CBC and Charlamagne’s meeting with Trump’s administration and the Congressional Black Caucus for Opportunity Zone funding.


Game of Thrones, NBA Basketball & Escapism: From GOT Dragons to Golden State Warriors

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the need for Americans to use television and entertainment for escape. Moore looks specifically at Game of Thrones, and the most recent NBA playoffs. #GOT #NBA #ADOS


Love, Life and Relationship without ENOUGH Wealth

Attorney Antonio Moore and Relationship expert Zo Williams delve into what love looks like when there isn’t enough resources to provide support. #Marriage #WealthInequality