Tiffany Haddish & her Met Gala Award Show Chicken

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses Tiffany Haddish recent statements and actions at the Met Gala.


JAY Z, Nipsey and the Truth of Black Wealth & Gentrification

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the impact of gentrification on black communities, and the recent misuse of the term by rapper Jay Z as he paid tribute to #NipseyHussle Note: Condolences to the family of Nipsey Hussle What is gentrification? HOW “GENTRIFICATION” IN AMERICAN CITIES MAINTAINS RACIAL INEQUALITY AND SEGREGATION My […]


Jay Z Rap on Gentrification & Black Wealth doesnt make sense

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses Jay Z rapping about wealth ineuality and gentrifying the hood as an answer. Moore looks at Jay Z business history and more to detail.


Why Joe Biden shouldn’t get the Black vote in the 2020 Presidential Election

Attorney Antonio Moore and Political Commentator Yvette Carnell discuss the announcement by Joe Biden he would run for President. The two discuss the keys Biden is known for the 1994 Crime Bill, the Anita Hill hearings, and being President Barack Obama’s Vice President.


Black Wealth & White Wealth: How Elizabeth Warren’s College Debt Plan leaves Black America Behind

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses the context of wealth and race in America using data from the Federal reserve. Moore gives a critique of Elizabeth Warrens recent College Debt plan that shows it will benefit White America far more than Black America.