DJ Vlad sits with the Godcast to talk about Ayesha Curry’s comments. Is she seeking attention?

Yanadameen Godcast season 2, segment 2 of 3

Special guest, DJ Vlad is back on the Godcast with Lord Jamar and Rah Digga. The trio discuss Ayesha Curry’s comments on wanting attention from men outside of her marriage.

0:00 Brooklyn’s Black Lady Theater ad
0:40 Today’s Mathematics
1:09 Intro
1:40 Rah Digga introduces herself, Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad
2:40 Lord Jamar and Rah Digga let the viewers know how they can donate to the show
4:18 Lord Jamar addresses Ayesha Curry’s statements about her marriage
5:25 Lord Jamar asks what would happen if a man made the same statements
5:50 DJ Vlad says Serena Williams’ husband has probably made the same statements, in private
6:51 Lord Jamar says Ayesha Curry is complaining for being treated like a Queen
7:38 Rah Digga jokes about always being respected by men
8:51 Lord Jamar says people aren’t trying to “holla” at Ayesha Curry became they respect Steph Curry
9:08 DJ Vlad asks, Who “hollas” at LeBron James’s wife?
9:23 Lord Jamar says the wives who’s put themselves out there probably get tons of attention
9:35 Rah Digga puts some RESPECK on Kim K’s name
10:13 Lord Jamar asks, How is Kim K is getting so many people out of prison?
10:41 DJ Vlad knows exactly how Kim K is getting these people out of prison
11:30 Rah Digga asks, Can you “un-hoe” yourself?
13:09 DJ Vlad says he’s never seen Ayesha Curry’s body
14:22 Lord Jamar gives the camera a crazy look (funny)
15:15 Lord Jamar asks Rah Digga if she’d want that that type of attention
15:41 Rah Digga says every woman wants to feel wanted
16:47 Lord Jamar says a wife/ mother shouldn’t be putting herself out there like that
18:07 Lord Jamar says Ayesha Curry should be happy men respect her relationship
18:30 Memes!!! 😂
18:44 Rah Digga says hopefully Ayesha Curry was just playing
18:49 DJ Vlad says she wasn’t playing
19:23 DJ Vlad says Ayesha Curry is trying to be a celebrity as well
21:22 DJ Vlad says Ayesha Curry is winning
22:05 Lord Jamar asks why Ayesha Curry would want superficial attention in her life
22:48 Rah Digga says Ayesha Curry is crying for attention
23:44 DJ Vlad says Ayesha Curry is a sore winner
24:39 DJ Vlad says he was homeless in 2002
26:01 Lord Jamar does a Steph Curry impression (funny)
27:11 Rah Digga says she’s juicing, and has been in the gym
27:50 Credits
28:05 Outro