Escaping the Rat Race | Dr. Rick Wallace

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Escaping the Rat Race

I get people asking me what they need to do in order to escape the rat race and the following points are things that I normally mention.

1. Get out of the mental box you are in, change your thinking pattern to match the reality you are seeking.

2. Stop buying stuff that you don’t need

3. Turn your side hustle into your business. (at least 35 percent of people watching this video have aspiration of turning their side gig into their primary source of income) There is no better time to do that than now.

4. All revenue and profit is not meant to be spent.

5. Stop trying to impress people you don’t like.

6. Downsize wherever possible to put yourself in a position to experience true happiness

7. Consider merging your family

8. Stop overemphasizing feedback you get from miserable people.

9. Question your conflicting statements about one of the most powerful resources available now — social media

10. Avoid negative people at all cost.

Bonus: Make today the day!

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