This Month's Cover

  • Don’t Call It A Comeback…
    Don’t Call It A Comeback… Our longevity comes from adapting to changes in the industry as an advocate for hip hop culture while paving an lane for the music, culture and activism throughout the galaxy. #afrofuturism. Enter planet-hiphop. [Pic: Dana Dane & @bgyrl4life]
  • In the spirit of the Black Panther Newspaper…
    In the spirit of the Black Panther Newspaper… b-gyrl (Planet Hip Hop) teams up with Chairman Fred Hampton Jr (Black Panther Cubs) to create unapologetic black media that speaks to the hearts, minds & souls of the masses… starting with hip hop culture. Calling all hip hop heads, help take it back!
  • Why I Can’t With…
    Why I Can’t With… Those who allow themselves to be used used as political mascots to rally us to support flawed candidates, disastrous policies and cape for political parties, nonprofits & others who exploit our deaths, pain and suffering. And yes, we’re naming names.
  • How Nike Finessed the Black Community
    How Nike Finessed the Black Community By commercializing our struggle and selling it back to us increasing their online sales by over 30% and their brand boosted by $6 billion, $0 of which will benefit our struggle.
  • Rappaz R. N. Dainja
    Rappaz R. N. Dainja Mac Miller. XXXTentacion. Louis BadAzz. Smoke Dawg. Fredo Santana. Jimmy Wopo. A1 Lil Tony. Phanelli. To name a few. And still have 2 months to go. We’re losing way too many to crime, violence, guns and drugs. When hip hop gonna get real?
  • George Macon
    George Macon The youth deserves the truth no more hypocritical talk
  • Planet Hip Hop Radio
    Planet Hip Hop Radio Old School, Golden Era & International Hip Hop & Talk: New shows Church ft DJ Evil Dee, The Boombox ft the legendary G-Wiz & The Remedy ft DJ Needles (a hip hop legacy, who’s dad Gentleman Jim Gates played the first rap song on the radio… ever).