Genius is Common – Charles Davis

My name is Charles Davis. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois as the middle son of my mom’s 3 boys but my father’s only sun (they separated early in my childhood.) Having my first daughter at the age of 15, and my first son by the age of 18 (by another woman), married her by the age of 19. Yet I managed to play football, wrestled and ran track while in High School. In 1993 Graduated in the top 10 percent of my class too. I attended a trade school and studied Automated Office Assistant (Graduated #1 in my class). Separated from my wife and decided to go where the money was better and moved to St. Paul, MN. and I began working as a data entry operator, yet I wasn’t satisfied. I got involved in selling drugs fathered my 2nd daughter and got incarcerated (guess I wasn’t that good). Upon release I returned to my 1st wife in Chicago. In October 1997 I began temporary office assignments until someone noticed my abilities. I was offered a position as a financial aid coordinator. I began promoting my own rap cd and events for myself in 1999. In 2000 got separated and after being swayed by my mother’s side of the family I moved to Memphis, TN. I secured a steady promoting position with United Studios of America. I was promoted to state manager after receiving two awards for sales department of the year in the national conferences. The next year I became Assistant Regional Sales Manager and the following year Regional Sales Manager. During those years I also fathered several children and married my 2nd wife. My wife and I began Onyx Catering Company in October 2010. Separated in September 2011. I opened my own photography studio in December 2011 until May 2012 when I was hospitalized from being shot 3 times by a junkie who was also an informant for the police (so no charges) Although I found myself fighting for my life, I was accused of being the attacker and incarcerated. After taking a guilty plea and serving 48 days, I was released. I returned to promoting pictures until May 2015 when I was incarcerated for possession of controlled substance. I was incarcerated in MDOC until February 2016. Upon my release I was reunited with my 2nd wife and we now have 4 children together. We operated Onyx Catering Company while I again returned to promoting pictures. I began going live on Facebook to get people to order from our business and talk about whatever was hot in the state I traveled to work. My personal following grew fast and so did the followers for Onyx but it didn’t make any real money. We found our family needing to relocate. After research and without the finances, we drove from Memphis,TN to the state of Washington. We found ourselves homeless for 2 months, moved into transitional housing for now. Where we have officially opened WPLAY CDBROADCASTING as a business to help network information, education, and entertainment. We are also relaunching Onyx Catering Company for Father’s Day. We have our 4 youngest children at home of a total of 12 children I have fathered. My oldest daughter has 2 beautiful daughters(my granddaughters) older than my youngest son. Looking forward to continuing to grow our businesses so that we can leave a legacy for our children’s children.