Genius is Common – Geoff George

My name is Geoff George, better known as GeoffG, Geoff or “Kingdom Brother.”

The name Kingdom brother was bestowed upon me by my late friend and former Evangelist & Preacher of the Roswell Church of Christ, fare well minister Mark Gaines McGee (2017 Transition @ age 45)

Well, I was born to Joe Nathan George and my dearest Mother Helen Sue Riley in 1960, May 25th.

I was raised by my mother who bestowed upon me the name Geoffrey, a British Name of origin ( Meaning gift of God) I believe…

After high school, I joined Army National Guards for six years (soldier training).

During which time I also was being trained in the welder trade at the local VOTECH school. Graduated six months of a nine-month course.

However, was married by age 21 and three children by age 26. By age 27 I was a professional Firefighter and three years prior won the Kansas City Regional Golden Glove Middleweight Championship.(( I AM A WARRIOR SPIRIT OF GLORIOUS GRACE&TRUTH))…

At age 22 I committed my life to the Son of The Creator of the Universe.
And this would began my journey and biblical studies / Religious studies ( dabbling in psychology) world view as a devote saint and now Emissary Prince Worshipper Prophet.

Now semi-retired I’m an Serial- Entrepreneur / Co-owner with family At Your Service 100% Commercial Cleaning services and endeavoring to explode this business across the Mid-West and the Nation perhaps teaching others to Empower their Economy!!! And Aptitude!!! Metamophisizing into Exec.Director of strategic Organic organizational development of outreach ministries / Seed Center KC & Lite Of The World Outreach ministries.

Lite Of The World Ministries being my brain child by Grace. (2010/2012)

So, the revolutionary reemergence of the God centered Kingdom principled Outreach ministry communities 5.0 has begun…

I am married to the lovely Mrs.Lesa Shepherd George and our two sons are Nate and Jordan 19 and 20 years old.
My eldest is Delisa who recently married Javares Jones last year, and my elder son Joshua George.
So three sons and one daughter / Geoff George Jr, deceased 2001.

My passion is organic interpersonal communication and relationship management principles to foster and dynamically advanced relationship development of marriage and functional families new paradigm.

And now my objective is to somehow endeavor to lead God’s people into the promised Kingdom reality and experience exponential Genius Power!!!

I’m a fitness enthusiast, nutritional guru, chess player and lover of smooth jazz and contemporary gospel.