Bishop Chronicles Episode 5: Lil Wayne Controversy, The Harlem Shake, Women in the UFC, Tech Interview w/ Ken Zi Wang

In episode 5 Adisa gets right into the middle of the Lil Wayne/Emmet Till controversy. Is Wayne taking things too far? Then we take a look at the Harlem Shake dance craze through the eyes of the people from Harlem (HINT: They are NOT fans of the danc…


DJ Nu-Mark’s Vinyl Collection – Crate Diggers

Subscribe to Fuse for all our music coverage: http://bit.ly/fuseSub See all of the Crate Diggers: http://www.fuse.tv/shows/crate-diggers DJ Nu-Mark’s collection of over 30,000 records hails from New Orleans, Iran, Cuba, and even a Count Chocula cereal box. He shows off a rare edition of Common’s “The Bitch of Yoo” with an […]


Special Episode 4.5: LAPD Shoorter Dorner, Chief Keef & Hip-Hop Illuminati

This is a special episode on the complexities the Dorner case reveals. A lot of Black people (and Whites, Asians and Latinos) are treating Dorner as a hero. Some Black people are making the same mistake made when O.J. Simpson beat the wrap. Many who ar…