After the Show: bgyrL4Life with Bahamadia

After the Show: bgyrL4Life with Bahamadia. I got a chance to rap with the BB Queen after her peformance at BABAA’s Aids Awareness Benefit Show. One of the first Bahamadia interviews online! Another b-gyrl.com exclusive!


Sister Cypher: Battling a Bad Rap Words: Tachelle Wilkes

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems in the Rap Game Remember cats back in the day having street ciphers in the Boogie Down Bronx and weekend jams in Brooklyn where local DJ’s would find a space to spin records for entire neighborhoods? This same community spirit is the energy that created hip […]


Jianda Raps With Jessica Care Moore (Tha Strong Goddess Whose Very NAME is a Poem)

“you ask me to whisper sweet nothings in your ear when i was born to shout my words are rapid-fire bullets and i don’t wanna blow your brains out!! blow your brains out!!” …”how many pounds of black rage can your love handle?” -from the poem/song “The Sweetest Revolutionary” All […]