Cratefast Show On Itchfm (18.02.18)

"Itch.fm", by: - February 24, 2018


Y’all know what time it is…

Cratefast Show on ItchFM (18.02.18)
The Cratefast show broadcast on ItchFM on 18.02.18 Wishing a HappyBirtday to Jeru, Riza, DrZygote, EST, LordFinesse, ChrisGibbs, IceT, HueyPNewton with the sad passing of ChySkillz(Onyx) with Tufkut hosting over a large slice of BoomBapHipHop, Funk45s. This session had PaulJudo & Claire, Sub2, SteevMo, MilkCrateKid, DisgoDan, RyMacca&FamousHolly, AndyHiggs, MiniHipHopHead , AuntySarah, MaJools&June, SimonHooHar&JoeD, Kristy, Clapa, TaberKing, DerPeeMan, JonAtkin, GirlRainbow, DrSamplestein, Poorliqa, Fudgelove227 and the regulars on the request line. Originally broadcast live but now here for you to enjoy!
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