1998 DMC US DJ Finals WatchAlong w/ DJ Craze, DJ Dummy, DJ Shortkut + DJ Precision :::: BPM Supreme

1998 DMC/Technics USA DJ Finals Watch-Along w/ hosts DJ Craze, DJ Dummy, DJ Shortkut + DJ Precision hosted by BPM Supreme.

Originally live-streamed on Sept. 18th, 2020. Our apologies to DJ Presyce who should have been included but was not due to an oversight in editing. Audio fixes eventually. Keep watching!

The 1998 DMC/Technics US DJ Finals took place at Irving Plaza: NYC on August 15th, 1998. Host: Lord Finesse (DITC). DMC Technics Hall of Fame inductions include GrandMaster Flash, GrandMixer DXT and GrandWizzard Theodore and Afrika Bambaataa (not present).

1998 DMC USA Finalists included
Swift Rock – Supernatural Turntable Artists (Daly City CA) RIP
Kuttin Kandi – 5th Platoon + Anomalies (Queens NYC)
Develop – Allies (Manhattan NYC)
Presyce – 101 Crew (Chicago IL) – missing from the watch-along
Alejan – (St. Louis MO)
Do Boy – 5th Platoon (Boston MA)
Mysterio aka The Boogey Man – Sound Bandits (Plainfield NJ)
DJ Dummy – 12 Inch Assassins (Brooklyn NYC)
Shortkut – Invisibl Skratch Piklz + Beat Junkies (Daly City CA)
Craze – Allies (Miami FL)
DJ Slyce – 1997 DMC US Champion – Defending (Teaneck NJ)

Please watch the entire 1998 DMC US Finals from beginning to end at https://youtu.be/rvUOWhfvzV4

• 1998 Technics DMC… . It also features Hall of Fame inductions of Hip Hop DJ Pioneers, a Beat Junkies showcase and more!

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