4-Week Push-Up Challenge to Try at Home (Beginners and Pro)

Push-ups are not just a simple but effective exercise when it comes to fighting body fat. They are great for maintaining overall physical fitness. But when we hear the word “push-up”, we usually think of the standard pushup that everybody does. While it tones your shoulders, chest, abs, back, and even glutes, there are other kinds of pushups that focus on different muscles. But don’t do this work out every day, or else you’ll end up with a big chest, toned triceps and shoulders, but scrawny little legs!

It’s important to burn some fat before toning your body and get your metabolism running. So in your first week, add more cardio to your routine. Do the easy pushups at first. When you’re ready to move on, increase the reps before doing the advanced exercises. As the weeks progress, add more body-weight exercises and alternate them. And always do some stretches to the muscles you just worked out to release the tension. Good luck!


Arm Circles 0:06
The Towel Chest Press 0:32
Wall Push-Ups 1:00
The Diamond Wall Push-Up 1:43
The One-Arm Wall Push-Up 2:32
The Knee Push-up 3:29
The Incline Push-up 4:16
Standard Push-Ups 5:14
Overhead Triceps Stretch 6:34
The Doorway Chest Stretch 6:55

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