A Tribute to Maurice Malone – Giving Thanks to a Detroit Pioneer of Fashion and Hip Hop Culture

Maurice Malone is a true icon of fashion and Hip Hop, a global phenomenon from Detroit whose clothing brand became one of the elite styles in Hip Hop culture in the 1990s, he had the foresight to provide a forum for the city’s youth to come together around the fashion and music, beginning with The Rhythm Kitchen then on to The Hip Hop Shop, the famed clothing store known for open mic rap battles that birthed the careers of Proof and Eminem. While Maurice Malone traveled the world with the clothing, Mudd, Thyme and Proof of 5 Elementz were Hip Hop ambassadors to scene, working at The Hip Hop Shop as sales of high end merchandise and organizers of the open mics. Mudd would go on to New York City to work with Maurice Malone after The Hip Hop Shop closed, giving him years of unique insight into the business and mind of one of Detroit’s true legends. #TheHipHopShop #MauriceMalone Images included in the video are courtesy of Maurice Malone and Mudd of 5 ELA. Maurice Malone on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mauricemalone/?hl=en Beats by Black Bethoven and BeeShine Follow Mudd Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/reginald-azyez-moorer-el Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mudd5ela YouTube – @themoorishmuddshow5940

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