“Audience Reception to Rap Lyrics Depicting Independent Women” Beyond Breaking Barriers Part 2

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This episode of “Beyond Breaking Barriers” podcast discussion based on the article “Rap Music Literacy: A Case Study of Millennial Audience Reception to Rap Lyrics Depicting Independent Women” ~ by Mia Moody-Ramirez

Overview/Podcast Concept:
“Beyond Breaking Barriers” is an engaging & thought-provoking podcast that explores the influential role of Women identified folks in Hip Hop culture. The podcast aims to celebrate, understand, & critique the achievements, narratives, & experiences of Women who identify as artists, creatives, producers, DJs, emcees, dancers, musicians, authors, curators, organizers, activists, scholars, journalists, & industry professionals who have made contributions to the genre.

By centering Women in Hip Hop, “Beyond Breaking Barriers” seeks to empower, educate, & entertain the Black Power Media audience while fostering discussions that explore broader themes of intersectionality, feminism, & the importance of more than just representation.

“Beyond Breaking Barriers” highlights the intersectional experiences of Black Women & provides a platform to discuss issues of class, race, gender, ideologies, & empowerment within the context of Hip Hop culture.

This podcast aims to provide an unapologetically radical left voice within the Hip Hop media landscape.

“Beyond Breaking Barriers” will follow a conversational & interview-based format, combining engaging discussions, storytelling, & music. Each episode will feature commentary, interviews with authentic Women in Hip Hop & supporters, panel discussions, & moments for listener engagement through the chat. The host will guide the conversation, creating a welcoming & insightful atmosphere where guests can share their experiences & insights, and also offer opportunities for principled critiques.

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Piper Carter is an Arts & Culture Organizer & Hip Hop Activist with focus on Environmental & Climate Justice, Black Liberation, Grassroots Hip Hop, Eco Feminism, Entertainment Justice, Education Justice, Food Sovereignty, & creating Maker Spaces.

She is Host of the Piper Carter Podcast on the Detroit is Different podcast network where she discusses Social Justice & Hip Hop to a world wide audience. She is co-Founder of We Found Hip Hop (A Foundation, uplifting, celebrating, & supporting Women in Hip Hop to help them build careers in a safer environment).

We Found Hip Hop is a cultural revolution which crosses borders, links diverse communities, inspires ideas, influences behaviors, & encourages dialogues through art. It explores the historical, present & future context, dynamics, impacts, & potential of Hip Hop music & culture on Women, by bringing together leading figures to produce media, music, film & educational opportunities aimed at creating cross cultural exchange focusing on redefining the vital role of Women in Hip Hop.

The book “Women Rapping Revolution” features her work and all proceeds go to We Found Hip Hop: 

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