B-Boy Alkolil vs. B-Boy Tawfiq | BREAK THE GAME | Season 6

Finished with more moves than they came with 👀 It’s THAT kind of battle 🙌💯

Break the Game EXPLAINED:
Copy your opponent’s move. Fail and you’ve earned yourself a letter. Whoever spells the word ‘BREAK’ first loses. 👀

Alkolil is a member of OBC (Original Breakers Circle), Green Panda Squad crew and hails from Siberia, Russia. He started breaking at the age of 12 and eventually got his breaking name ‘Alkolil’ from the people in his life who described him as an active person with endless energy, just like ‘alkaline’ batteries.
Alkolil’s style of breaking has grown and now incorporates a high-level of extremely difficult and explosive combinations, linked together with breaking foundation and power moves.

As a Russian breaking champion with many wins under his belt, Alkolil is proud of winning the 2014 Battle of the Year solo competition. He is also proud of getting second place at the 2017 Silverback open solo competition and the 2019 Undisputed World B-Boy Series solo competition.

From the town of Harderwijk, Netherlands, B-Boy Tawfiq is a member of the The Ruggeds crew and has been breaking since the age of 15. Tawfiq’s breaking style revolves around power moves and blow ups and describes his style as a combination of 4 to 5 animal styles. He is also the founder of Crash Fest Battle, where the best in power moves, tricks, and blow ups take center stage.

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