Beanie Sigel And Activist Erica Ford Talk Using Gaming For Peace In The Hood #BeanieSigel #rocafella

AllHipHip talked to Beanie Sigel, one of the rappers that put Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella on the map, and Erica Ford of LifeCamp in NYC have come together for the youth. They explain why this is so important to @ChuckCreekmur and DJ Thoro at WonWorld Studios.

The Gaming 4 Peace NBA 2K Tournament, scheduled as part of Game Changers Weekend and the Gaming 4 Peace Symposium on April 6, 2024, brings together a diverse array of individuals committed to leveraging gaming as a tool for positive social change. Spearheaded by organizations like LIFE Camp Inc., renowned for their innovative approaches to addressing violence and trauma, this event aims to harness the power of gaming to tackle pressing issues such as violence, mental health, and lack of opportunities in communities of color.

With support from prominent figures such as Shameik Moore, Lola Brooke, Brooklyn Nets star Mikel Bridges, Shiggy, Wayno, and others, the tournament serves as a platform for gamers, activists, educators, and community leaders to unite and explore how gaming can be utilized for healing, education, and anti-violence initiatives. By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, including frontline violence interrupters and system-impacted youth, the event seeks to foster dialogue, collaboration, and innovative solutions to complex societal challenges.

Through initiatives like Peace Week and the New York City Crisis Management System, LIFE Camp Inc. has demonstrated a commitment to empowering communities and promoting peace at the grassroots level. By partnering with organizations and individuals dedicated to social change, the Gaming 4 Peace NBA 2K Tournament exemplifies the potential of collaborative efforts to create tangible impact and build a brighter future for all.

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