Black People: How to Answer the Question, “Why are you voting for Trump”


In the latest episode of the Biblical Conservative channel, we will discuss how black people should answer the question, “Why are you voting for Trump?”

First, respectfully, tell them that it is insulting to insinuate a vote for Trump should be something to be ashamed of as a Black American.

Next, ask them if they know that a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for a party that has participated in the systemic destruction of the black community starting with slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the New Deal, and the Great Society.

Additionally, this party has contributed to over 20 million black lives being aborted since 1973, dismantling of the black family, the emasculation of the black man, the impoverishing of black businesses, the lack of economic opportunity, the lack of educational opportunity, the rise in crime, the dumbing down of black citizens, and the intentional use of race to bring about their revolution.

Plus, do you want to vote for a man who says this (you ain’t black) or this (crime bill).

So, the question should be “why are you not voting for Trump?”

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There is an assault on the black community. This attack is subtle in its nature but insidious in its aim. The aim is to move the community and in particular men away from dependence on God and into dependence on the government. This dependency will lead to continued poverty, struggle, and defeat.

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This page and the associated channel are here to present truth in a loving way. We want to see lives changed and families restored.

Because we are not victims. We are empowered for greatness!

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