Breakers COLLAB with Classical Musical Artists for the ULTIMATE REMIX

Break beats & classical music together on one track? 🎼 What a collab 🤝🔊

Makin’ moves & makin’ music 🎵 Gotta love it when artists come together for a creative experience like this! 🙌 That classic sound with beats you can break to 👟 Definitely one for the playlist ⏪ Put this track on loop & get to jammin’! ⚡

Other mixtapes you can train with? Jump here:
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Giving wings to dancers and fans of b-boying and b-girling around the world 🌏 Whether you’re a fan of footwork, freezes, power moves or flow, whatever your style, it’s good to have you in the breaking scene. Let us know what style of breaking you rock with in the comments below! 👇





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Music Video Stream

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