Caitlin Clark, Dawn Staley Unmask the Bigotry, Jealousy of Women’s Hoops & America’s Left | Ep 664

Caitlin Clark’s ascension as a superstar athlete — the most influential jock of 2024 — has exposed the brutal reality of Democratic Party-orchestrated egalitarianism. This year’s women’s Final Four was a giant stage for the feminist movement and the Democratic Party. People paying attention shouldn’t like what they saw. You saw people hate Caitlin Clark because of the color of her skin and her perceived sexuality. You saw Staley put on a performance intended to convince Christians that their beliefs do not need to align with the God described in the Bible. Biological men in women’s college basketball — why not? Are you following this? Women’s basketball represents the mindset of the Democratic Party. It’s a coalition of racist and insane women determined to uproot the patriarchy. T.J. Moe and Shemeka Michelle join Jason as he puts a bow on women’s hoops, perhaps forever, and contemplates the true legacy of Caitlin Clark.

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00:00 Caitlin Clark has been a blessing and a curse for women’s basketball
12:58 Women’s final for was a giant stage for the Democratic Party
27:05 Dawn Staley says winning championships strengthens her faith in God
32:13 T.J. Moe joins Fearless – Is Caitlin Clark’s WNBA decision wrong?
45:14 Did Caitlin Clark help or harm women’s basketball
54:11 Are we buying Dawn Staley’s declaration of faith?
1:30:47 Shemeka Michelle joins Fearless to discuss women’s ball
1:35:17 Lynette Woodard says Caitlin Clark didn’t break her scoring record
1:52:10 Keyshawn Jackson says Dawn Staley should be the Hornets’ next HC

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