Diddy and the Shocking Truth About Hip-Hop: Part 2 | Ep 651

In part two, we dive into the seedy world of Diddy and how the agents of nihilism use gangsta rap and prison culture to exploit young people. From the Beatles’ controversial “Yesterday and Today” album cover to the latest rap stars of today, the music industry has always been a cesspool. Jason helps us navigate the history of the immoral and depraved behavior of Diddy and those within his sphere. We hear from those closest to Combs and the allegations they level against the hip-hop mogul. We ask the question: Why do so many bodies seem to drop around Diddy? And Jason shares his theory on the incident that ignited the entire East Coast-West Coast rap feud. Was the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur a psyop to implant a young, vulnerable, fatherless Shakur as the face of rap? Buckle up for this episode of “Fearless.”

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