DJ Quik – Jus Lyke Compton

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Finally out the motherfuckin C-P-T
Off to other cities and shit
No longer just an underground hit
Movin thangs… a local nigga made good
And made a name off of making tapes for niggaz in the hood
And now, let me tell a little story
About the places that I been to and the shit that I been through
Like fightin and shootouts and bangin and shit
All because a nigga made a hit, check it
Nineteen-ninety-one, it was double or nothin that a nigga would hit
Then we broke out with the fonky shit
About bitches and niggaz and gettin drunken off that bud
I was doing the shit they hadn’t heard of
But foolish was I to think that it wasn’t no other cities like this
And that they didn’t like this
That Compton was the home of a foot in yo ass
Where you got blast
And now that’s just a thing of the past
Let me tell ya why firsthand, we did a show up in Oak-land
And niggaz was kickin up sand, to them bangin ain’t nothin new
And slangin ain’t nothin new
And for every nigga we done shot
They done shot two
Straight through and on since the sixties before I was born
Families of young niggaz mourn
So I’m just letting you know
That if ya plan to take a trip to the bay
Keep your hand on the clip

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