Drake and The Political Clarity of Yasiin Bey

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This is just a quick note in response to what is this current blasphemous comparison between a genius level legendary mc and, just what @yasiinbey says of #Drake, one suitable for #Target shopping and malls which pave over the colonialism (s/o #JoniMitchell). In fact, Bey summarizes much of my own argument around media and #hiphop by noting how pop culture is developed with the intention of masking imperial processes, cheerleading the destruction.

Drake admitted last year in his exchange with Budden that empty songs for children keeps him in private jets. Indeed. But Bey is speaking to a mature politics and a distinction i thought was fully dead, the one between hip-hop and pop. “Rap is not pop if you call it that then stop.”

Remember also, this N***** Is Poorest track brilliantly remixes #JayZ and #Ye. I went back and listened to the original political monstrosity which is helpful in catching the depth of Bey’s corrective verses.

The 2010 column, “The Most Visible Mulattoes: Obama and Drake Match Hip-Hop and Politics” can be found at:

Yasiin Bey – N****s in Poorest

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