Gang Starr Foundation Mixtape – Dj Premier, Guru, Jeru The Damaja, Group Home…

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Gang Starr Foundation is a collective of east coast rappers led by the hip hop group Gang Starr and co-founded by Boston legend Big Shug in 1993.

Special shoot out to Patrick Mattox, I hope you will enjoy the mixtape !!!

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Tracklist :
Gang Starr – Intro
Gang Starr – Just To Get A Rep
Gang Starr – DWYCK
Gang Starr – Take It Personal
Gang Starr – Code Of The Streets
Gang Starr – Full Clip
Gang Starr – Mass Appeal
Gang Starr – Step In The Arena
Jeru The Damaja – Jungle Music
Gang Starr – Check the technique
Gang Starr – The ? Remainz
Gang Starr – Hardcore Composer
Gang Starr – The Militia
Jeru The Damaja – My Mind Spray
Gang Starr – Gotta Get Over (Striked By Youtube)
Guru – Lifesaver
Group Home – Livin Proof
Gang Starr – Suckas Need Bodyguard
Jeru The Damaja – Ya Playin Yaself
Group Home – Supa Star
Gang Starr – Alongwaytogo
Jeru The Damaja – Frustrated Nigga
Group Home – Up Against The Wall
Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth
Gang Starr – Royalty
Guru – For You
Gang Starr – You Know My Steez
Big Shug – Do What Pays Ya
Group Home – Suspended In Time
Jeru The Damaja – Tha Bullshit
Gang Starr – Next Time
Gang Starr – Doe In Advance Original
Group Home – Sacrifice
Groupe Home – Tha Realness
Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean
Group Home – Serious Raph Shit
Jeru The Damaja – One Day
Krumb Snatcha – Gettin Closer To God
Jeru The Damaja – How I’m Living
Jeru The Damaja – Black Cowboy
Jeru The Damaja – Me Or The Papes
Guru – Lost Souls
Gang Starr – Say Your Prayers
Gang Starr – Precisely The Right Rhymes

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