History Of DJ – Part 6 – Pirate Radio (Part 1 – Pirate Ships)

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The 6th episode in our series The History of DJ arrives at the PIRATE RADIO period in the ‘Swinging 60’s.’ Featuring Ronan O’Rahilly’s famous Radio Caroline. The whole episode was because Ronan couldn’t get Georgie Fame’s new record played on either the BBC Light Programme or Radio Luxembourg.
Alan Crawford an Australian music publisher was already planning to launch his Mia Migo Ship to be named Radio Atlanta but the Radio Caroline ship, Fredericia, beat him to the high seas.
With the first voice of Christopher Moore the station’s Programme Director and Simon Dee established as their first dee-jay broadcaster, the ship became the first of a flotilla of pirate ships and radio forts in the Thames estuary.

Our tale is woven by Sir Roger Gale the DJ who became an MP, Richard Park from Radio Scotland, now head of Global Radio and regarded as the most powerful man in European radio.
Keith Skues and Tony Blackburn return to Caroline on the MV Ross Revenge and we see the personalities who made the Pirate Radio period so unforgettable.

This is the first episode to cover off-shore radio and there will be more to follow.

Tony Prince is your host and the Royal Ruler was aided and abetted in this remarkable episode by DMC’s Cutmaster Swift.






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