Ice Cube, BIG3’s Offer Sparks Caitlin Clark Controversy, Debate & Jealousy | Ep 656

Caitlin Clark is the new Tiger Woods of the sports world. When Tiger burst onto the PGA scene, he disrupted golf the same way Clark’s meteoric rise to basketball superstardom has sparked excitement, controversy, and envy. Ice Cube’s $5 million offer for Clark to play a 10-game summer season in his BIG3 league has ruffled more than a few feathers and brought out the nails of her fellow female competitors. Jason praises Cube’s vision to incorporate the sports world’s hottest actress into his reality sports show. L.A. Sparks guard Lexie Brown crushes the idea of Clark playing anywhere but the WNBA, and former NBAer Kenyon Martin says she couldn’t compete against the men in the BIG3. Jason reveals their hidden jealousy in a countercultural star known as the “Great Show White.” Even though Jason is all on board with Cube’s staggering offer, T.J. Moe and Steve Kim join the show to debate whether having Clark pitted against men is a good idea. Could this be the rise of the BIG3 and the end of the WNBA, or will Caitlin Clark fall victim to the irrelevancy of professional women’s basketball? Plus, Jason and Steve debate the merits of Utah women’s basketball allegations of racial hate crimes directed at them before the start of the NCAA tournament and leave it to Robert Griffin III to come to the rescue of Caleb Williams’ pink nail polish. And ESPN legend Dan Patrick has a warning for Jason Kelce. We’ll discuss why Dan says Kelce shouldn’t go to work for the worldwide leader.

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00:00 Intro
01:53 WNBA player Lexi Brown offended by Ice Cube’s $5 Million to Caitlin Clark
14:57 Kenyon Martin compares Big3 to Prison Ball
26:40 T.J. Moe joins Whitlock to discuss Caitlin Clark to the Big3
44:45 Steve Kim and Jason discuss incident involving Utah WBB team
55:28 RG3 defends Caleb Williams’s fruity phone and nails
58:40 Jason Kelce to replace RG3?

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