Krip-Hop Graphic Novel Vol. 2 Komercial Break

Krip-Hop Graphic Novel Komercial Break

Rewrite it put myself in it
Storyline with eye popping graphics
Vol. 1 introducing Roxanne
Vol. 2 the elders & the youth

From a little boy with his walker outside of cyphers
Roxanne’s Hip-Hop wheelchair travel back through the years
To show little Leroy his future, Krip-Hop
Kept on seeing a Black disabled elder at every spot

Roxanne’s mother told her about Rob Da Noize Temple
How he looked over Brooklyn
He was there when Hip-Hop was born
Everybody looks at him for protection

The story continues
With some Blues
But Roxanne was groomed
Rob told her to take her throne

Vol. 2

Leroy knows it’s about that time
Passing on the mic
Binki all the way from Germany
Attending Rob Da Noize Temple’s funeral in New York City

The ladies of Krip-Hop
Put Roxanne in the spotlight
Everybody knew that was right
Roxanne had a surprise

The meeting place was the Schomburg
Leroy and crew sitting back letting the youth emerge
Krip-Hop taking over the news from Bloomberg
Roxanne led the elders to all their decades of work

Turned on the lights
Shinning so bright
At the Schomburg is Krip-Hop archives
You can read the elders’s smiles and eyes

Rxanne on a tour meeting chapters of Krip-Hop internationally
Rolling from country to country
While the elders meet with museum’s leaders
At the Krip-Hop Institute to pass on knowledge for the future

Krip-Hop vol2
on Poor Press
2024 no time to rest

By Leroy F. Moore Jr.

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