Krip-Hop Nation Continues to Create On A SSI Budget & Still Kicking Butt!

For the last six plus years Krip-Hop Nation aka Leroy’s SSI checks have been supporting Krip-Hop chapters in Africa and Europe from Germany chapter’s double CD to purchasing a piece of land in Tanzania to our upcoming UCLA event in October/24 bringing together four Krip-Hop chapters (Germany,Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe).

All of this and so much more has happened with little financial support but a whole lot of dedication from our community and Uncle Sam’s SSI checks! More details on our October event soon! I have to say we’re privileged in the US to get a monthly SSI check because certain countries especially in Africa people with disabilities don’t get that so for the last six plus years I’ve been spreading Uncle Sam’s $$ throughout the world.

Stay tuned

Much love to our community,

Leroy Moore
Founder of Krip-Hop Nation






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