Lilou crashes a halftime show in Italy with B-Students Academy

Time-out for the players, time-in for the breakers!

Watch Lilou and B-Students Academy light up the court during halftime! 🏀✨

Check out the epic breaking showcase that shook the halftime show in Italy! 🏀🕺 From flips, to routines, to headspins, they did it all. Extra points for flawless style ✨ Even B-Boy Lilou joined in for this jam-packed set at EA7 Emporio Armani Milan Halftime ⚡🌍 One thing’s for sure, they know how to get the hype started. 🚀

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Giving wings to dancers and fans of b-boying and b-girling around the world 🌏 Whether you’re a fan of footwork, freezes, power moves or flow, whatever your style, it’s good to have you in the breaking scene. Let us know what style of breaking you rock with in the comments below! 👇





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