Ms Lauryn Hill & The Fugees Show Cancelled. Lauryn Needs To Rest Her Voice And Pras About To Do Fed Time

Not surprised. At All.

1. Lauryn initially cancelled the St. Louis show and gave that date to Philly before canceling that show under advise of her physician to rest her voice.

2. Pras has serious legal issues. He’s about to do time for an international money laundering, bribery selling access to Obama. Leonardo DiCaprio testified against him. Now he’s trying to get an appeal for ineffective counsel, his attorney used AI. I dunno how that’s gonna fly unless he didn’t know. But if he knew about it and cosigned it, he’s fucked.

And 3. The St. Louis date was canceled and given to Philly. I know a lotta St. Louis fans ain’t gonna wanna hear this, but The Lou out Hurr looking bad. St. Louis has a horrible image. Worse than ever before. And that has consequences. I’m not surprised when artists cancel, I’m surprised they still come.






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