MUST WATCH: Why West Coast rap Fell Off!

🚨 Why Are West Coast Artists Struggling for Unity? Let’s talk about it! 🚨

In this video, we break down why West Coast music isn’t getting the love it deserves. 😔 Tune in to hear our take on the matter as we dive into the lack of unity among West Coast artists, the impact of gang culture, and why the West Coast sound has lost its identity. We’ll also discuss how artists like Nipsey Hussle and Draco the Ruler tried to bring originality back. 🌟

Join our conversation about the unique challenges facing West Coast artists and why Chicago’s drill scene succeeded where we struggled. Is it about the subject matter? The style? Or something else entirely? 🤔

Don’t miss this deep dive into the heart of West Coast music. 🎶

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0:00 – Why Isn’t West Coast Music Getting the Love It Deserves
0:48 – The West Coast Doesn’t Stand Together
1:17 – The West Coast Lost Its Sound and Identity
2:25 – The West Coast Has Been Plagued with Clones
3:58 – The West Coast’s Subject Matter Isn’t Universal
5:22 – The Perfect Storm of NWA and the West Coast Gangsta Rap Movement

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