Special Education Using Hip-Hop? (Caption)

Special Education Using Hip-Hop

How can that be
Please school me
What I see
Special Education using Hip-Hop to get some bling

An outdated field
Can we get real
Taught by majority non-disabled White women
Very few Black men

The field with outdated textbooks
How wold it get Hip-Hop social justice verses and hooks
It’s not even up to Disability Justice
This makes no sense

The key word is using
It is not being
Because it needs reforming
It can’t come from within

Look in the mirror
Do you like what you became
After decades, you still teach the same
IEP on wax that horror

Placing Black culture
In a White dominated field
Let’s get real
You are using Hip-Hop

To be in the spot
But the light is shining you up
Seeing all the pitfalls
Gapping holes, watch your step

Because even today, there’s no ramp
Trying to make it hip with some boom bap
From behind my back
You used krip-hop

Still can’t reach Black boys
Cause they know you are faking
Screaming, “where is Leroy!”
You should be ashamed, using Hip-Hop as a toy

Real Hip-Hop will expose Special Education as fake
That’s why the students can’t relate
Schooled the teachers with Leroy’s masters thesis
That has flip the script & tells it like it is

Reforms don’t work
Sometimes you need a full overhaul
Don’t need a textbook
Krip-Hopping down these academic halls

Now we are in That’s the Joint
The Krip-Hop section, you can point…
It out, the Black disabled youth scream and shout
Calling Special Education out

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Can’t use it
You got to be it
Now that’s some real shit
All the rest, we flush you down the toilet

By Leroy F Moore Jr.

Beats & video production by Hash24






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