Steph Curry SELLS OUT, Lends His Name to Netflix’s ‘Good Times’ Minstrel Cartoon | Ep 657

Add NBA superstar Steph Curry to the list of celebrities willing to sell out. Golden State’s golden boy has lent his name to Netflix’s “Good Times” cartoon reboot. The adaptation of the 1970’s hit sitcom is an animated minstrel show degrading to the black community. Curry is no different than Stephen A. Smith, Charlamagne tha Fraud, or any other implanted personality who took the “F-me money.” Jason dives back into the world of celebrity plants and welcomes Kwame Brown into the conversation. Kwame was one of the first people to call out Stephen A. Myth, Charlamagne, and others, and he joins “Fearless” to take his victory lap.

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00:00 Intro
02:19 Stephen Curry sells out, to be involved with Netflix cartoon “Good Times”
18:30 Diddy’s troubles expose Charlamagne the Fraud
26:56 These installed figures don’t have F-U money, they have F-Me money
34:42 Kwame Brown joins celebrate Victory Lap in exposing Stephen A Smith
47:46 Brown and Whitlock discuss Charlamagne and Diddy
56:03 Kwame Brown and Whitlock talk on Steph Curry’s new cartoon, “Good Times”

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