Team Ami, Bumblebee, Skychief vs. Team Kastet, Nord Diamond, Johnny Fox | Masters of Styles

A different style every round? 🧐 This should be fun 🙌 😎

Coming up 👉 Team Ami vs. Team Kastet 🚀
💥Team Ami – Ami, Bumblebee, Skychief
💥Team Kastet – Kastet, Nord Diamond, Johnny Fox

The Rules Explained:

There are 3 rounds based on the breaking elements: Top Rock, Footwork and Power Moves
Dancers are only judged by the element they use in their round and every category is worth points:

Top Rock Round = 1️⃣ Point
Footwork Round = 2️⃣ Points
Power Move Round = 3️⃣ Points

If it’s a tie, both teams pick a breaker for a decision round and then… any category goes!

Meet AMI:
Ami hails from Saitama, Japan and is a member of Good Foot crew. In 2017, Ami won the Silverback Open B-Girl competition and the Undisputed World B-Boy Series B-Girl competition. She is the first b-girl to become a member of Red Bull BC One All Stars and in 2018, she made history by winning the first-ever Red Bull BC One B-Girl World Final.

B-Boy Bumblebee hails from Russia and is the first-ever b-boy to win an Olympic gold medal in breaking when he competed at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

Skychief is a member of The Ruggeds. In 2021, his team placed as finalists in SNIPES Battle of the Year World Final 2021 Crew vs Crew. When he is not competing, he judges for various breaking competitions, most recently German Breaking Championship 2021 & Battle for Veurne.

B-Girl Kastet (Natali Kiliachikhina) the 2019 and 2020 Red Bull BC One World Champion is from the city of Krasnodar, Russia. She’s currently a member of 3:16 Crew and in English her name means ‘brass knuckles’. In 2020, Kastet became the first breaker to win the World Final back-to-back.

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Nord Diamond represents Top 9 crew. He regularly competes in both local & international breaking competitions. Some of his recent titles include Vibe 2021 Crew vs Crew, JBL Unbreakable 2021 3 vs 3, & the Russian Breaking Championship 2021 3 vs 3

Johnny Fox represents XVII Generation crew is a native of Barcelona, Spain. Some of his most recent wins include the 2019 Legits Blast online solo competition and the 2018 Warsaw Challenge solo competition.

Check it out:
00:00 – Intro
00:06 – Host B-Boy Lilou / Rules
00:35 – Round 1, TOPROCK
00:44 – Skychief
01:42 – Nord Diamond
02:29 – Judges’ decision
02:36 – Round 2, FOOTWORK
02:41 – Ami
03:13 – Johnny Fox
03:43 – Judges’ decision
03:49 – Round 3, POWERMOVE
03:54 – Bumblebee
04:15 – Kastet
04:36 – Judges’ decision

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