The House of Hip Hop Podcast Show – S.5, Ep. 3 featuring Bobby Stone & DJ Rob Swift (Excerpt 2)

The story of Hip Hop is deeper than Rap music. It’s a tale that begins with young kids who grew up economically disenfranchised by their government and marginalized by society. It’s for that reason I’m so passionate about our culture whenever I talk about it, especially when it comes to the key elements that shaped this revolutionary genre: DJing.

Pioneers like DJ Breakout and Baron, Charlie Chase, and Tony Tone are the foundation of what DJs today classify as the “Open Format” style of DJing. They dared to push the boundaries of how to operate a turntable and challenge the status quo of music, mixing, scratching, and back-spinning genres like rock (“Tom Sawyer” Rush) funk (“Funky Drummer” James Brown), disco (“Good Times” Chic), and even jazz (“Take Me To Mardi Gras” Bob James), captivating the ears of the crowds that would assemble at neighborhood parks to hear them spin.

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