The House of Hip Hop Podcast Show – S.5, Ep. 3 featuring Bobby Stone & DJ Rob Swift (Excerpt 3)

Although College Radio holds little to no relevance in music these days with the advent of social media, streaming services, podcasts, reaction YouTube videos, etc., the type of programming that stations like WBAU (Spectrum City), WHBI (World Famous Supreme Team), WNYU (P Fine), WHRU (P5 with Jeff Foss and Johnny Juice) and WKCR (Stretch and Bobbito) introduced me to countless of dope rappers, DJs and music that helped me cultivate good taste. Gatekeeping is a dirty word today, but I do feel what’s missing in our culture now are trustworthy guardians and curators of what’s truly dope!

Visit the link ( to catch my appearance on The House of Hip Hop Podcast Show with Spicy Sugar and Brooklyn rapper Bobby Stone.

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