THE ORIGINAL OGs (Episode 15) — AUDIO ONLY – OG Bill Duke | The Original OGs Exclusive

Welcome to another captivating episode of The Original OGs Podcast! In this audio-only version, Mr. Rick sits down with the legendary Bill Duke, an iconic figure whose profound impact on Hollywood and beyond has solidified his status as a true Original OG.

🎙️ In this Episode:

Bill Duke’s Early Life: Explore the humble beginnings that shaped Bill Duke’s journey and his relentless pursuit of excellence.
Hollywood Insights: Gain exclusive insights into the highs and lows of Bill’s career, including his experiences as a director, producer, and actor.
Cultural Impact: Learn about Bill Duke’s contributions to the representation of African Americans in film and television.
Personal Reflections: Hear personal anecdotes and reflections from Bill Duke on his life, legacy, and the wisdom he’s gained along the way.
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