The Symphony – A Roundtable Discussion Examining Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary

In honor of Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary, we have assembled 4 student ministers who are not just proficient in the Word, but also who are part of the hip-hop generation. We will discuss the culture, the music and how to free it from the enemies who have exploited it. Since our people are lost in the savagery of the “wild, wild west”, it’s only right that we assemble a “posse” to bring it to order. We’ll call it “The Symphony”…because THESE brothers teach at the drop of a dime, baby. #TRRS #DJRockwell #DemetricMuhammad #TroyMuhammad #AbdulHaqq #WillieMuhammad #CTGBNetwork ▶︎ Follow DJ Rockwell here: ▶︎ Subscribe to The Rockwell Radio Show here: ▶︎ Subscribe to Closing The Gap Broadcast here: ▶︎ Listen to/Support “DJ Rockwell Presents: The Best of #NOIHipHop” Mix Series here:

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