Top 10 Winning B-Boys at the Red Bull BC One World Final

Racking up wins on the world stage 💪🌎

When elite breakers face off, it can come down to who’s done the prep work. 👊 Skill. Style. Execution. Consistency. Any of the above can get you battle-ready. These b-boys have all that… plus they’ve got the stats to prove it. Coming up 👉 a highlight reel of the b-boys with the most titles won at the Red Bull BC One World Final. 🏆

Featured breakers 👇👇👇
00:00 – Intro
00:19 – B-Boy Mounir
00:43 – B-Boy Neguin
01:09 – B-Boy Victor
01:28 – B-Boy Lil Zoo
01:48 – B-Boy Wing
02:15 – B-Boy Roxrite
02:39 – B-Boy Ronnie
03:01 – B-Boy Lilou
03:31 – B-Boy Hong 10
03:58 – B-Boy Menno

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