Warrior Class: What’s (and who’s) authentic in the African Martial Arts?

What are authentic African martial arts and who are authentic African martial artists?
Those strictly concerned with self-defense? Those that improve confidence, mental strength, courage, tenacity, and work ethic? The ones that teach humility, compassion, integrity, kindness, respect?
All of the above? None of the above?
Is karate or kung-fu with techniques assigned Swahili or Yoruba terms authentic African martial arts?
Are martial arts created from observing the drawings on Egyptian tombs, photos and films authentic?
Is Capoeira Angola authentic African martial arts? What about Capoeira Regional? 52 Blocks?
This episode of Warrior Class, the Instructors teach authentic African martial arts techniques, how to spot BS and expose fakers.

Put on your thinking caps, drink some water, lace up your shoes and let’s work!






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