Was Special Ed Right About N.W.A? Westcoast Kam Responds

When the “I Got It Made” emcee said that N.W.A brought the “era of destruction” to hip-hop during a Drink Champs interview, several people took issue with that. Others sought him out for clarity. And some were like “he said what he said!” But is it accurate to say that N.W.A was the turning point for what the culture would later become? The O.G. Westcoast Kam DEFINITELY has an opinion on the matter and will be pulling up on TRRS to break it down. Also, the west coast legend will put us up on his new single and video “Positivity.” #TRRS #WestcoastKam #DJRockwell #SpecialEd #NWA #Positivity ▶︎ See Kam’s new video “Positivity” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsiBcKzbbcU ▶︎ Follow DJ Rockwell here: https://linktr.ee/DJRockwellATL ▶︎ Subscribe to The Rockwell Radio Show here: https://bit.ly/TheRockwellRadioShow ▶︎ Listen to/Support “DJ Rockwell Presents: The Best of #NOIHipHop” Mix Series here: https://soundcloud.com/djrockwellatl






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