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The Sound of New York Latin Music

Afropop, Uncategorized 25 Nov 21 0

THE SOUND OF NEW YORK LATIN MUSIC takes a deep sonic dive into the great New York Latin discography, with host Georges Collinet and guest host Ned Sublette, who produced and megamixed. Special guest Dr. Ben Lapidus, author of New … Continue

The Zimdancehall Story

Afropop, Uncategorized 18 Nov 21 0

Inspired by Jamaica’s dancehall music from the 90s and early 2000s, Zimbabwean dancehall music (Zimdancehall) started out as an underground subculture in the ghettos of Zimbabwe and is now the country’s most popular genre.

In this episode we’ll trace the … Continue

The Kwaito Generation

Afropop, Uncategorized 16 Nov 21 0

Producer Brandi Howell speaks with DJ Lynneé Denise, an artist and scholar of underground cultural movements and the electronic music of the African diaspora. This podcast explores “DJ Scholarship” and the evolving music and cultural conversation of the Black Atlantic.… Continue